GridTech Solutions: Transforming Clean Energy Challenges into Opportunities

Empowering Renewable Energy Revolution

Grid Interconnection

Generation Interconnection Application 

(Wind, Solar & Battery Storage)

 System Impact Studies & Injection Studies

Model Development & Validation

ERCOT Model Quality Test (MQT)

Model Development (PSCAD, PSSE, PSLF and TSAT)

Power System & Market Studies

Power System Studies (Powerflow, Short circuit & Dynamic) 

Transient over voltage & Reactive Power

Production Cost Modeling 

NERC Compliance Studies

Protection & Control (PRC)

Transmission Planning (TPL)

Modeling, Data & Analysis (MOD)

Resource and Demand Balancing (BAL)

Project Management

Helping our clients deliver complex renewable energy projects on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality